Transforming Your House Into a Home

A spacious yet elegant home can affect your family's mindset in a good way

A spacious yet elegant home can affect your family’s mindset in a good way

Home- a place where a family seeks refuge after a seemingly hectic day that leaves no room for rest and relaxation. It is an eye in a storm, a calm place in a busy city, a place where a family grows together and enjoys the blessings of life. But in the context of today’s times, where four out of ten families live farther apart from each other and are continually set apart by many problems, distractions and several other toxic influences in our society, homes are not what they used to be. We have reduced and deconstructed our homes into a merely technical house- not a refuge but just a default building where we go home after a day’s work. In a world where familial break-ups have become a natural occurrence, how do we transform our house back into a place where our family can enjoy bonding with each other? What does it really entail to grow together as a family in a home? How does the physical aspect and makeup of our house influence our actions and emotions as a family?

In any case, our homes should ideally make us feel comfortable and at ease so that we can be incentivized to be drawn towards our home no matter what problems we meet every day. Since the beginning of time, man by instinct has created a home for himself and his family. Even cavemen had that characteristic of creating a place for his family where they could bond and survive not as individuals but as a group of socially cohesive human beings. Up to this date, that same instinct is present in all of us. But due to the distractions and other problems that we meet every day, this intrinsic value slowly fades away from us. So how do we really make our homes comfortable? If you are new to your space or you want to have a fresh start over your home, these tips would help you transform your house into more of a home and less of a mere building.

Bring Back Memories Of a Beautiful Past

We don’t often realize that what dissolves all our stress is the actual feature of our house. We don’t usually give importance to the color or design of our walls, the arrangement of our very windows or even the types of sofas that we bring in. But the thing is, imagine living in a house with just a solid gray concrete, a brown wooden chair and a generic set of windows. You can probably imagine how flat and dry that kind of home is. Actually, if your home is close to that, then you might really end up being stressed or fights may easily occur in your family as the environment affects how much space and peace of mind you would have while you are at home. It is never too expensive to invest in some paint or a few wallpapers for your home. Choose colors that may bring back happy memories just like the color of the room where you met your husband or the color of your shirt when your wife accepted your proposal- all these colors even if they are just subtle, can bring back a spark to how you felt on those moments. Choose happy and lively colors and try to avoid dark and melancholic ones.

Nothing Can Beat Nature

Your heating or air conditioning units at home may be the best but all the adjusting can still make you uncomfortable. Also, the temperature that is produced by these units might be so unnatural. Well, yes, you will need them eventually but on calm afternoons or mornings, a cool natural breeze of outside air can help you relax and even set things straight all throughout the day. Try to maximize your windows and open them whenever possible to let some breeze enter your home. If you think that it is too humid, or you feel sticky always, then this is something you should definitely do. Opening your windows help better the air circulation in your home.

Go Green Indoors

We always have an instinct to be calm and at ease whenever we are at nature, after all we were made to co-exist with them. Hence, it wouldn’t be bad to invest some space and effort to try to as much as possible bring in nature into your homes. A small or portable water fountain can be refreshing to look at as it brings tranquility and peace of mind. Bringing in some plants, investing in wood materials or furniture and in some natural stones can be good to look at and it also brings depth in your house. But some may not like to maintain too much when it comes to plants or fountains, so if you are always on the rush and you have virtually no time for other things, then you can bring in the colors of nature instead of nature itself. Buy decorations or items that are of all shade of blue, brown, yellow and even green. This can surely bring you a different mood and aura every day.

Be Yourself

This is your home right? So it is just probably correct for you to personalize your home to your heart’s content. The best way to make your house a home where everyone can be very happy to stay is putting on some personal touch and making everyone relate to the house and eventually build an affinity towards it. You might want to post you son’s project or drawing in the wall. You might want to show off your daughter’s medal or awards. Or, you might just want to simply make everyone feel welcomed and connected through displaying several albums and picture frames of your family. Be sure to pick photos that can bring back a lot of happy moments. Try to even organize a family activity where you can all take a photo and help design your house. There are a lot of ways by which you can add a personal touch to your very residence.

Always Keep It Simple

Try to maximize the space in your home. Throw away things that are not being used or better yet sell them in a garage sale. Dispose things that are too outdated or those that take up so much space. We’re not saying that you have to throw that fridge, the thing is if it is already very old or it has virtually no use at all, them don’t hesitate to let go of it- except for the things that have utmost sentimental value. Invest on things that are minimalist by nature. Remember a lot of space can affect your mind psychologically. According to studies, having a spacious home can also clear up a lot of things in your mind.

A family should invest in a home that can bring utmost comfort. If we want everyone to go home with a smile of anticipation in their faces, then try to build a home that will allow your kids to play, your family to unwind and relax. The colors that you choose, the air flow that your house has, the touch of nature, the amount of space in your home- all these things contribute towards a beautiful and relaxing home. Follow those steps and we are more than sure that you can increase your family’s bonding moments in just a few days.


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